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Stress free ways for looking for a new home

There are free downloadable apps for your cell phone and ipad to make hunting for your new home stress free. They help you find the home of your dreams and give advice on everything from buying a new home to selling your old one.

Home Hunting Made Easy
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Below are websites that have their own apps to help you with the process of finding your own home.

The apps can be downloaded at:



Many families are loosing their homes due to the poor and failing economy. Looking at homes For Sale By Owner is also a good way to help other people by shopping with owners who need to rid their selves of their mortgage payments. Many will sell below market value to get out from under the payments.

Tiny homes are the new rave and buying a small home is a very efficient way to save money on your monthly energy bills.

A lot of people are even trading their homes for campers, motor-homes, and even converting vans into campers. These deals can be found in print news-papers and online in classified ads.

Check out any Wal-Mart and see all of the people staying over-night in their traveling homes driving across country. Some of these people have traded their sedentary life of home and yard to traveling from state to state with all their belongings.

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