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Stress and the skin

What do blushing, flushing, brittle or ridged nails, psoriasis, rosacea, hair loss, hives, and worsening cold sores have in common?


Stress stimulates over-activity in the blood vessels. It makes skin react negatively, on a microscopic level. Reducing stress is the only option for getting well over all. Opt for stress management and see improvement over time.
At first, becoming reducing stress is well….stressful. There is much to learn, but it is all about the journey that is half the fun.

Here is a synopsis for managing stress better.

Meditation: A practice that allows the creation of inner space and clarity in the mind.

Yoga: A series of movements associated with breath and the intention of creating union between the mind, body and spirit. Find a local studio and start with a beginner class.

Walking: The simple act of lifting one foot and settling it back down upon the earth can take on a form of walking meditation. Move consciously and slowly and with a regular pace.

Swimming: A moving meditation with the resistance of water. Slow the pace down. Find a comfortable breathing rhythm. Exhale through the nose. Once mastered, focus on aspects of the swim; feet paddling through the water, the exhale through the nose, or the hand cutting through the water. Get a lesson today.

Finally, do not discount rest. Take a nap if necessary and do not feel guilty about it.

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