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Knowing Doing Gap
Knowing Doing Gap
W.B. Kille

Many articles are written today about “Human Capital” and rightfully so. Hopefully you’ll find something useful in the next few paragraphs.

“The Gathering.”

• If you have a business with Teams, Departments, etc., at your next regular meeting hand out a small stick to everyone in attendance … instruct them on the count of (3) to break their sticks. Now put your people into Teams of (6) or more, have (6) sticks bound together and now have them try to break the sticks? When we gather our resources (people) and stand together as opposed to individually we can withstand the winds of adversity. “United we stand”
• Here’s an African saying, “If you want to go quickly – go alone.” “If you want to go far – go together.”

“The Knowing … Doing – GAP”

Our L.E.A.D.. Box illustrates this principle most effectively. (Refer to the picture at the beginning of this post)
As you most likely known, just as the “Box” says … most of us spend our time and money developing the “left” side of the Box [Learning and Evaluating] while most terminations and business failures come from the “right” side of the box [Attitude and Doing] Here are some items from the left side to be aware of:

• It’s our logical self
• It’s the Knowing side
• It’s left brain orientated
• It’s an example of “externalization”
Here are some items from the right side to be aware of:

• It’s our Emotional Self
• It’s the Doing side
• It’s right brain orientated
• It’s an example of “Internalization”

Learning is knowledge … performance is applied knowledge. Here at Rezults Group we focus on the “right side” of the L.E.A.D. Box (the soft skills) we have processes, systems and procedures that bring the best out of your employees. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary discussion to see if we can be of help to you in your business. Call Today 801.560.9945

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