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Strength training exercises to do in preparation for a 5K

If you want to become a great runner, you're going to have to put in both time and miles running. There's no way around it. However, one of the things that will make running a heck of a lot is easier is creating strong, powerful legs! Think about it, people always talk about how weighing less makes running easier. This is usually true. It also makes a ton of sense that stronger legs would do a better job carrying you to and across each finish line.

Strengthen your legs for a 5k
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When I ran my first half-marathon (which I didn't train for), I never once felt the burn in my lungs. I DID feel weakness in my quadriceps though. All I kept thinking about was how I was going to hit the weight room in preparation for my next race. Ladies, would you rather run with Britney Spears legs or Miley Cyrus's? Britney's are strong and curvy. Miley's are thin and not necessarily muscular. Both girls have great figures, but Britney's legs look designed to do powerful things. Guys, you get to run with Matthew McConaughey's stems or Pee Wee Herman's. Pee Wee's are skinny. Matthew's are man-tastic.

Check out this video featuring fitzness expert, Fitz Koehler of and see how easily you can earn the lower-body strength to support the stamina you're aiming for. Running requires both.

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