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Strength Training Exercises for better health

Strength training helps boost metabolism, strengthens bones, helps release stress and improves muscle tone. Some strength training exercises are working out with weight machines and or free weights. Studies have shown building muscle helps with having a longer healthier life.

If money is a problem and you can’t afford to buy a weight machine, free weights or pay for a gym membership you can make your own free weights by either filling plastic drinking bottles, bleach or detergent bottles with water or dirt and using them as replacements.

Start with smaller drinking bottles 8, 16, or 20 oz. for less weight then work your way up with more weight by using 2 and 3 litter soda bottles. Weigh the individual bottles and mark them using a sharpie pen, you will always know how much weight you are lifting.

You can make a bar with weights on it by either using a strong solid wooden curtain rod or a steel bar, then tie your plastic bottles or jugs with handles together and loop on the bar for more weight.

Make a strength training journal and keep track of how much weight is lifted, what kind of exercises are preformed and the time period of each work out. Weigh yourself before starting and again once a week at the same time of day with similar clothes to help keep track of your muscle building activity. Best time of day to weigh is first thing in the morning after doing your daily deed and weigh naked for a more precise measurement.

Muscle weighs more than fat, if you are trying to loose weight the scale might show an increase in your body weight because of the muscle building exercises. Don’t get discouraged gaining some weight while building muscle is a good thing. The muscle will replace the fat. Use a tape measure and measure your neck, upper arm, wrist, chest or breast, waist, hips, and calf. Be sure to use same arm and leg each time or measure both each time to have a more accurate measurement.

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