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Strength in numbers epitomizes the phrase

Strength in Numbers will be performing in front of a live audience at Nectar's on Saturday night, September 26. Having preformed in front of a full house two weeks ago, this show should be electric. Strength in Numbers is a group of musicians with eclectic backgrounds in music. Comprised of drums, bass, guitar, alto sax, trumpet and key board,
the male and female vocals emerge seamlessly behind the tight unit. They can be enjoyed online at

With a self proclaimed "hip-pop" style, they take pride in fusing jazz, funk, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. Their lyrics are romantic, introspective and delivered in various forms of flow. Emma Frank will sing effortlessly while Dali, who is no longer in the band, simultaneously raps passionately. Many of the artists play live weekly with other groups which translates into a sound that cannot be contrived by machine. This unique form is quintessential Burlington music; the strength of the show depends on the numbers.