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Strength in community is the message

A community with a very special mission.
A community with a very special mission.
Brian Myers

The 2014 Martial Arts Super Show has drawn to a close for the day. Today school owners and martial arts instructors were able to enjoy a full array of both merchandise and service suppliers as well as a wide range of talks and round table discussions. Topics for those meetings ranged from physical tactics and techniques to ways to build a stronger school.

The presentations on building schools all focused on the concept of strength through community. Some experts spoke directly to ways an owner or instructor can create a stronger sense of community within their school as well as how to strengthen their community-at-large. Other master instructors gave of their wisdom and experience in areas such as training and mentoring new instructors and ways to develop new programs to improve the positive impact of a school. Experts such as Kyoshi Dave Kovar and Melody Shuman freely shared their knowledge during the five one hour sessions throughout the day.

In all cases, even the purely "sales driven" sessions, the message was clear. As martial artists, school owners and instructors we have both a unique opportunity and a definitive responsibility to make a positive difference in our community. This impact is to be made by making sure we build community within our schools, make sure the school's staff is well trained and our school as a whole is unified in its service the community. A powerful message and an inspiring challenge has been laid before this year's attendees, and they appear to be up to the challenge.