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Strength and conditioning clinic at UT Knoxville


          UT's Kenny Hall (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Physical preparation is key to achieving peak performance in sports.  Knowing how to choose the right activities, how to perform them correctly, and how to intensify your workouts are all essential parts of strength and conditioning for your sport.

For coaches, athletes, athletic trainers, parents, or anyone else who is interested learning more tips and techniques about preparing for the physical demands of sports, The University of Tennessee will host a strength and conditioning clinic on February 12-13 at the Neyland Thompson Sports Center. 

The coaches' schedule includes plyometric exercises, planning and periodization strategies for developing the multi-sport athlete, and rotational exercises.  In a separate session, athletes can work out in 20 teaching and hands-on instructional stations. 

Pre-registration costs range from $35-$55 and applications must be postmarked by February 1.  Costs increase to as high as $100 for late registration for both sessions.

For more info: with brochure


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