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Street Wisdom from ICSURVIVAL.COM

Tactical Magnetic Keeper
Security Awareness

Tip #1: When driving, make sure you can see the pavement underneath the tires of the vehicle that is in front of you. This space will allow you to maneuver away in case of an emergency.

Tip #2: A potentially armed assailant will always touch his or her weapon multiple times while concealed. This automatic human reaction is simply to make sure the weapon is still in its place.

Tip #3: Look inside the structure you're about to enter before entering. A crime might be in progress and you're walking straight into a trap.

Tip #4: In a fistfight, the one who measures the distance measures the amount of pain he or she will receive. Your best bet is two arms length from your assailant.

Tip #5: The first ten seconds of a violent confrontation are to be dealt with hand-to-hand combat...then you come out with your weapon.

It's not about being paranoid. It's about being aware!

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