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Street racing headlines dictate actual statistics

Look around in today's modern media such as movies, video games, and social networks and you may notice that a once taboo sport is quickly becoming common in our modern culture. Since the death of Paul Walker, which took place not from street racing but from reckless driving, more focus from the naysayer's towards this taboo sport have switched gears from the competitive form to solo.

The truth in the matter is that the media will spin any kind of story that they can get their hands on in order to sensationalize the subject matter. In turn, their bottom line reflects positively upon their efforts. When was the last time you heard of a group of street racers terrorizing a town and killing innocent people? Looking through the news feeds, this topic is rarely covered.

This brings me to my main point; street racing is always going to be taboo but when the media doesn't shine its proverbial spotlight on the racers, the chaos appears to disappear. Once something major happens, then stories from abroad come crawling out from the caves and it would seem to be a major topic. When we there are other things happening in the world, street racing news ceases to exist. So how are the news articles able to directly influence these events? Where is the connection between a written article and some random Joe or Jane mashing the throttle? There isn't.

What you see in media in regards to street racing is by choice, and it is all part of an agenda. Right now, it is becoming a common culture because there is money to be made. When something occurs and there is more money to be made in the news, national opinions will quickly change. It's a shame, isn't it?

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