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Street life to go smoother in El Cajon

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Near the frothing fountain waterfall at Centennial Park in El Cajon, walkers cross the civic center corner intersection kept safe from Main Street commuter traffic by new street signals wired to City Hall. Cars driving through the crosswalk fall in line passing through the safety padded corners next to the park and the city's plaza across the street. Smooth traffic that moves ahead on time, and, pleasant walking rounds are replacing the rough El Cajon crossing blocks at the start of the city's second one hundred years.

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Workers rigged out the line of signalized intersections with new safety signals from Magnolia Avenue down past the civic center, and at Second Street. June 14th, local speedway racer Jimmie JOhnson will come back to the busy Main STreet blocks new shopfronts took over to join locals at the 10 am to 10 pm celebration put on to step up the American spirit, and the El Cajon community pride.

Flashing red hands at Main Street corners that told locals to look out for trouble have gone here. Plain signals stay in the old days. El Cajon workers made the streets a field of people-friendly signals. Inside the shopping strip, bright yellow signs, at the street edge and in the crossing center, warn drivers to look out for crossing pedestrians.

Friday, May 30th, the locals took biking the pedestrian-friendly streets serious. It was Bike TO Work Day.

Blocks built to step on the gas add up smaller these days. South, down JOhnson Avenue, there are no red lights near the neighborhood school. But, a full line of pedestrian signals city workers installed keep casual neighborhood commuters alert local children take class on one of the blocks. The speed warning digital sign guarantees quick drivers know their speed.

Smooth traffic is not as important as local family safety. A park, one block east, has its own pedestrian safety padded corner. Sidewalk replacement work lined up white top blocks, and new curbs and gutters, heading back north toward the heart of El Cajon.

Old pavement on the EL Cajon streets will get resrufaced into 2018. Black top blocks give the city its current style. The slurry sealed cracks drivers roll over near 1st Street, south of Main Street near Lexington STreet, will last as long as the locals do not burn the night oil too often. Workers will keep on changing the local scene on the EL Cajon streets.

Overdue streets work is no trouble with millions in TRansNet funds in the city's hands. Work on getting the city's streets reay to handle local life spent taking friendly, and neat, wide open space rides will move ahead slow.

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