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"Street" food worth savoring

Street Restaurant
Street Restaurant

Looking for an original dining experience? Look no further than Chef Susan Feniger's Street located at 742 N. Highland Ave Hollywood 90038. This casual, yet sophisticated restaurant is a step above the norm and offers a menu full of variety and flavors from all over this world. Street specializes in the "street foods" around the world, giving them a little extra flare to expand our American taste buds. If your pallet isn't adventurous you may have a hard time deciphering what to exactly order as you'll find dishes originating from places you most likely have never tried before. Dishes from Singapore, the Ukraine, Malaysia and even Syria and Jerusalem can all be found on Street's unique menu. I recently had the pleasure of tasting some of the above-the-ordinary dishes and I've gotta say I was truly impressed. I tried things I would not normally have ordered and walked away feeling I had really experienced something not-so-everyday. Some personal favorites I'd recommend to anyone interested in trying something knew would be the Indonesian peanut noodles (which just happens to be vegan for all your health-conscious diners out there), the Tatsutage fried chicken and the Japanese Shizo shrimp. Red meat, pork, duck and even lamb all make appearances on the menu and if you or a member of your party have any allergies, Street has a variety of gluten-free, peanut-free etc. options. For a more in-depth look at Street's versatile menu please visit:

Although the food is delicious, the service might just out-shine the menu! From the reservationist, to the chef, to our waiter, we received the red-carpet treatment. As I tend to dine out more often than I should, I'm used to the generic service so many restaurants have and although service isn't the most important aspect to the dining experience for me, I was taken-back by the impeccable treatment we received at Street. Our waiter Westin was pure sunshine and just another reason I will venture into Street again very soon as anyone else reading this should too!

For more information on Street, please visit:


  • Pat 5 years ago

    I always enjoy Debra's write ups on places to eat when I'm in
    L A. I'll eat at Street next time visit to L A.

  • Karen 5 years ago

    I have been there. very original and the lamb meatballs are excellent.

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