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Street food is comfort food at the LA Vendy Awards

The frankie at India Jones.
The frankie at India Jones.

The buzz is in and it's here. Street food is comfort food. And Los Angeles has one of the most diverse, delicious, and often technologically advanced street food scene. In fact, the LA Vendy Awards is on-going at MacArthur Park as this writer pounds on her poor laptop. And since this examiner is unfortunately detained for the day, it is but right to make homage in any way possible to another, less known type of comfort food, and to some and visited (often) of this year's finalists.

Comfort food at LA Vendy Awards

India Jones Chow Truck- Only 8months into doing this, India Jones Chow truck already got a nod and a finalist badge for the LA Vendy Awards. Serving Indian comfort food all over LA, they actually have (a personal favorite) the frankie (a roti roll up with their own recipe for chutney, chopped onions, and egg. It comes with either lamb, chicken, beef, shrimp, paneer, and mushroom and cheese), which is very rare in menus nowadays. They also have parathas, curry rice bowls, samosa spring rolls, mango baby back ribs, and traditional drinks like lassi.  Follow them on twitter for schedules and locations:

Bigmista's Barbecue- Drooled and experienced most Sundays at the Atwater Village Farmer's Market, this big truck really packs that barbecue punch. Their pulled pork sandwich is so-so, their sauces can be overly sweet, but their brisket is a revelation indeed. For a traveling catering truck, they do capture that smoked flavor and the meat is tender, tender, tender, and juicy too. Their sides are just really good comfort food, with their macaroni and cheese as a personal addiction, and those collard greens too, please. Follow them on twitter for schedules and locations:

Grilled Cheese Truck(GCT)- Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, a very classic comfort food pairing. But at the GCT, you will not just get your usual craving. In fact, they pride on innovation and creativity here, with some delicious twists to the classics. Yes to cheesy macaroni, barbecue pork, and caramelized onions; also known as their cheesy mac and rib. Or try the brie melt: cranberry walnut bread, brie, sliced pears, and honey. Get a side of tomato soup or if the temperature disagrees, the tater tots will do fine. Follow them on twitter for schedules and locations:

At the LA Vendy Awards the  winner will be announced in a few, and the trucks will run out of food in no time. But one good thing is that these trucks are not leaving LA anytime soon. We have plenty of time to follow, scour, and pounce. Isn't it time to check your twitter? Like, right now?


  • tyra123 5 years ago

    Nina won. Just shows sometimes simplicity is still best, no website, no twitter, no thousands of followers, just basic comfort food. Great article though, I love India Jones.

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