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Street Connfinement Magazine - The Voice of the Underground

Street Connfinement Magazine Logo
Street Connfinement Magazine Logo
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Street Connfinement Magazine became Connecticut and Rhode Island’s number 1 source for music and entertainment in less than two years. Going into their fifth year they have expanded their distribution into eleven states, now they can be found throughout the east coast from Connecticut to Tennessee. Currently they are in the works of a national distribution deal. This year marks the 4th consecutive year that they have been voted “Entertainment Magazine of the Year”, and for the first time they were honored with the award for “Fashion Editorial of the Year” by the NIRO Design Center in 2009. In a short amount of time they have been able to accomplish many of their goals attracting many artists throughout the U.S. and to think they started right here in New Haven, CT.

Founder of Street Connfinement Magazine, Peoples says, “The idea for the magazine came to me in a dream”. He realized there was a need for unsigned artists to get proper recognition because so many of his friends were so talented but had no where to promote themselves. All the major magazines catered to industry artists, but there was not one that was focused on the underground solely. Peoples decided not cater to industry artists his mission would be to provide an outlet of promotion to the best underground, unsigned independent artists around. Peoples states that, “Street Connfinement Magazine is a voice for the streets, giving a chance to the overlooked and the unmentioned, the regular Joe; everyday stories from everyday people”.

Street Connfinement realizes how important underground artists are to the industry, their stories; their struggles and what keeps them inspired to follow their dreams. This magazine is the primary source for A&R and industry executives who are looking for fresh new talent.  In Atlanta’s multi-platinum Grammy nominated producer Shorty Red noticed right away what a great promotional tool it was and took the cover in March of 2009. Entrepreneur Clay Mack opened up the market in Tennessee when he was featured on the cover in June of 2009. Gale Hylton, Director of Public Relations for the magazine states, “I feel that the magazine is a unique collection of many eclectic talents. Working with and around so many talented people makes me proud to be a part of something that affects so many peoples lives.”

Over the last four years Peoples dream has definitely became a reality. The magazine has been an outlet for many newly recognizable names before they were noticed amongst the masses. Rapper, Maino graced the cover almost 2 years before the song that put him on the map “Hi Hater” hit the airways. Actor, Gravy was on the cover long before he played the legend Biggie Smalls in the movie “Notorious”. Street Connfinement has stayed true to its mission showcasing underground artists all around Connecticut. R&B sensation Henry Smith from Hartford, CT took the cover when his single with Jim Jones, “Party with a superstar” hit the radio. Hartford’s Paper Boyz was featured with a 2 page spread as their song “Bad Girl” exploded on Hot 93.7. New Haven’s Northern League gave their formula to success in an interview with AB. While Waterbury’s Mook N Fair revealed to Editor-In-Chief Shireal Renee how they came up with their hit song, “Who’s Your Daddy”.

The magazine has incorporated a diverse array of content to ensure to keep the attention of everyone who picks up the publication. Every month they run columns like, Hip Hop Couture written by Lifestyle Journalist Eboyne’ Jackson, she is a true fashionista with a long resume of credentials writing for AOL’s Black Voices, she is Editor at Large of Iconography Magazine as well as Fashion Editor of D.A.M. Magazine. G-Nice artist extraordinaire host, Artist Corner attracting artists from all over to send their drawings in to be showcased in the magazine. Poetz Corner a staple in the publication has featured poets from all over the country and recently branched into a talk show on the magazine’s official website allowing another outlet for poets to shine. And for those who are just starting their business ventures, Entrepreneur 101 with guidance by Supreme Essence, gives business advice to those who need help getting their ideas off the ground.

Although the magazine focus is on the unsigned artists, they definitely give homage to the pioneers that paved the way. General Manager of the magazine, George “Buddy” Mention makes sure they have featured industry artists such as Rakim, Slick Rick, Nas, Slim of 112, Funk Flex, 50 Cent and D-Block just to name a few. He says, “Recognizing the stories of the pioneers gives guidance to others that are striving to achieve their own personal successes”.

Street Connfinement Magazine is the magazine of the future. They bring you the artists complete journey from the beginning in the mixtape and casting call phase to the platinum record and Oscar phase, the falling down and getting back up phase, or consistently knocking them out the box phase. So watch them as they go from local to national to international serving the whole world the stories; of everything that is “Connfined” in these streets, good, bad and indifferent.

For more information about promoting yourself or advertising your business make sure to contact Peoples at (203) 996-9589 or Buddy at (203) 668-5789 also email them at


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