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Streamlined Places

Streamlined Places
Streamlined Places
Streamlined Places

Working mothers live in a clutter of our career responsibilities and our children activities. We often struggle to keep our lives organized, which often trickles into our homes. Keeping our homes organized supports maintaining a balance within our clutter lives. The time required to order our home chaos is not always available or treated as a priority.

Clutter costs an average of ten dollars per square foot to store items in your house and almost ten percent of American households rent storage units, spending more than $1,000 annually in rent. Twenty-three percent of us pay bills late and incur fees because we have lost the statements. The average American spends one year of their lives looking for lost or misplaced items, according to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Getting rid of the clutter will eliminate as much as forty percent of the housework in an average home.

With this in mind, a local mom created Streamlined Places. Streamlined Places claims to have the ability to work with clients to establish a method of storing the stuff you need to create an orderly solution that will fit into your lifestyle. Their services include:

  • De-Cluttering
  • Paperwork Control
  • Unpacking and creating new spaces
  • Organizing
  • Helping an elderly relative downsize and move into a smaller space
  • Resources for recycling item

Streamlined Places states that they are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. The website offers photo examples including some before and after views. The rates are listed on the website and they offer many options and packages. For more information or referral requests, contact Streamlined Places at (631) 617-3007 or visit the website.