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Streamline Your Business Communications with Hosted PBX Solutions

Ever wondered how adversely a poor communication between you and your clients can hinder your business success? With the ever escalating growth in the Voice-over-IP technology, you no longer need to worry about handling the traffic of your business calls. Hosted PBX solutions, being the latest spin off of VoIP technology, is a dedicated business solution especially designed for SMEs to manage their telephone system without even investing in one! As the name implies, these PBX solutions are hosted by the VoIP service providers, hence giving you the comfort to sit back and relax. According to VoIP Expert from, the hosted PBX solutions give the employees the real power of mobility by working from anywhere across the globe, yet still being connected to the office telephone system 24 hours a week.

Basics of a Hosted PBX Solution

• The telephone system is operated by the chosen VoIP service provider
• Has the potential ability to work with your pre-existing telephone system
• Has the dynamic multi-tasking ability to work with landlines, mobile phones, laptops or VoIP service all at the same time

Hosted PBX Service VS Traditional Telephone Service

Profit without Investment

A traditional telephone service, other than the installation expenses, is backed by a massive amount of maintenance cost in the long run. However, a hosted PBX service proves to be far profitable than the traditional one as it totally eradicates the need of an upfront investment in purchasing a telephone system. Hence, no telephone system means zero maintenance charges as it is fully operated and maintained by your VoIP service provider.

Virtual Presence

This virtual telephone system setup by hosted PBX service aids your geographical flexibility by enabling you to work from home, a mobile phone, landline, laptop or even overseas yet using your official telephone IP. Moreover, you can also create a virtual business presence even in cities where you are not located by handling the calls traffic of those virtual local numbers with a single hosted PBX service.


Absence of a traditional telephone system will never affect the professionalism to handle the client calls as the professional hosted PBX telephone solution supports voicemail, custom hold music, automatic recording of calls, customization of auto-attendant, and many more features to add to credibility of any small medium business enterprise. A video on YouTube is pretty helpful while looking for more information on hosted PBX.

User Friendly Business Communication Solution

Hosted PBX solutions, unlike traditional phone handling, does not require any specialized skills to monitor, change or manage the service at any time of the day.


This cloud based service also ensures enhanced business productivity with their efficient handling of any calling traffic from the clients. On the contrary, a traditional telephone service can only uptake limited clientele telephone queries, and can handle a limited number of purchased telephone lines.

Thus it can be summed up that a hosted PBX solution is a cost effective approach to ensure better business communications from anywhere across the globe. Thus these hosted PBX services are your one stop communication solution to transfer calls, set up conference calls, put them on hold with customized music, use automated call attendants, to automatically direct calls to the concerned departments, and a lot more to mention.

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