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Streamline Moderne architecture

Architecture of the past can be found abundantly in some cities and towns around the world. While Amarillo does not amass a large portion of historical architecture, there are a few gems that have outlasted over the years. Wolflin is one of the neighborhoods where housing styles from the 1920’s and 1930’s can still be found; the neighborhood features brick streets and architectural styles ranging from Cotswold cottages to large Italianate homes and many styles in between.

Streamlined Moderne house in Wolflin
Teresa Scott-Traves

One of the unique styled homes that has lasted into the 21st century, is a two-story Streamline Moderne house built in 1936. This style of house was the height of fashion in its day symbolizing industrialization and the rise of technology. It was a later type of Art Deco architecture which is characterized by rounded edges, flat roofs, and streamlined design most often with a stucco façade to create smooth walls. While many Art Deco commercial buildings were created during this time, many fewer residential homes were built in this style, making this lasting example all the more unique, especially to be found in Amarillo, TX.


  • Jerry Carter 5 years ago

    I have loved that house since I was a young boy living in Amarillo, great article.

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