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Stray Rescue Founder Randy Grim says we need to shift our mindset on brutality

In St. Louis and in many large cities, shootings are a regular occurrence. But when those shootings find animals as victims, that’s when shelters like Stray Rescue step in and ask, “why?” On Thursday, Stray Rescue of St. Louis issued an update about the latest dog they had rescued, a dog with a gunshot wound.

Stray Rescue Founder Randy Grim carries Martini to the rescue Jeep. Martini has a severely fractured jaw and may lose her front leg.
Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Yesterday, Grim and his rescue team arrived in North City, Missouri in temperatures that reached over 100 degrees on heat indexes. Grim wrote, “When I get a call that a dog is down, I drive with anticipation that, for me, becomes anxiety. My mind races with images of many rescues from the past, and I say to myself, ‘Please don’t let this one be too bad.’ It was.”

Grim and his team found Martini, a dog with “with soulless flat eyes,” lying in murky water. Grim notes that a few months earlier he found a dog in the same location that had been shot and tortured. Yesterday, when the dog wouldn’t take the offering of chicken from her rescuers, Randy knew the dog was in shock. On location, the rescue team had already identified one of her injuries as a gunshot wound.

Once back at Stray Rescue’s trauma center, Grim’s fears were confirmed. This one was bad. Martini is also discovered to have a broken jaw. Today, Grim confirmed to Examiner that Martini’s jaw is severely fractured and she may lose her front leg. He stressed that she is not yet out of the woods.

Finding a dog that has been a victim of abuse is a situation Grim has been in before. Today, he says, "There is no room for hatred and violence in a civilized society. We need a shift in our collective mindset to not tolerate brutality toward the voiceless and defenseless. Children and animals deserve better, and they should expect it. Martini is a special girl and has a right to a happy, healthy life. They all do."

The group also launched a brand new campaign today in order to help keep up financial support for the animals during the hot summer months, when the organization experiences a drop in donations. This new campaign relies on the power of crowdfunding to help abused and abandoned animals find happiness and a forever home through Stray Rescue. Just think, if we can donate money for a balloon invention, or a really fancy cooler, we can also spare some money to help animals, especially in the coming August heat. To help, visit

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