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Stray dogs in Sochi: Mad dash is on to save dogs before killed off with 'poison'

The stray dogs in Sochi have two different fates awaiting them, with the first being a pest control company hired for the Sochi Olympics to hunt, catch and kill the stray dogs. The second is a group of folks from a dog shelter, which is backed by a billionaire, who is very invested in saving theses stray dogs, according to the NBC News on Feb. 6.

Stray dogs in Sochi hunted and killed in the streets.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Hundreds of animals have already met their demise as that pest control company, supposedly hired for the Olympics has captured and killed a good many strays. Others say that the killing of stray dogs is a daily event in Sochi with two people on the city's payroll to capture and kill the dogs year round. They supposedly average 300 dogs a month.

The reports that the government "hired a specialist" to rid the dogs is just using the umbrella of the Sochi events, say critics, it is an event that is on-going. The race was on to clear the dogs off the streets for the opening of the games today.

The Russian government paints a picture of wild and dangerous dogs, but the folks that have run across them when arriving to Sochi this week were seen petting and cooing over the dogs. The killing of the dogs has put a damper on the overall cheeriness one might expect from Olympic games, according to the New York Times.

Olga Melnikova was told to take all the dogs from the Sochi Olympic Village or they will be shot. Melnikova is coordinating the rescue efforts for the shelter. The shelter is finaced by Oleg Vl Deripaska, a Russian billionaire.

According to NBC, locals are reporting they have seen dogs killed with poison darts or by eating poison put out on the streets. The Russian authorities decline to give the number of dogs they have killed so far.

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