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2014 Winter Olympics

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Stray dogs of Sochi, Russia capture the world’s attention

Stray dog in Sochi, Russia captures attention from Olympic volunteers
Stray dog in Sochi, Russia captures attention from Olympic volunteers
Kevin Dietsch/UPI /Landov

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing, and the Russian city of Sochi is swinging on a shoe string of scrutiny for the culling of its stray dogs. From hotel accommodations to the treatment of animals that wander the streets this city is under a magnifying glass. Watch this CBS video on the dogs of Sochi, and become enlightened to this global canine concern.

Rescuers Take Action

From NPR to CBS the stray dogs of Sochi are demanding the attention they deserve. These dogs live on the streets in search of leftovers and food scraps. Many appear to be well fed and look like pedigrees, but are mutts with sweet dispositions. Volunteers and heart felt rescuers are taking in as many of the strays to save lives. Shelters have been created to house the canines to keep them safe. It is wished that the dogs might find loving and permanent homes with the attention and foot traffic that is flocking to the Olympic host city. The energy used in an attempt to cull these dogs should have been used to capture the opportunity of finding these dogs forever homes.

It’s a reminder to the world that pet overpopulation isn't just in our backyards, but occurs everywhere. The outcry that was created through social media started an uproar over helping to save the dogs in Sochi. It called to attention an issue that was not being aired, but quickly entered the spotlight. In response to the buzz circulating the plea to stop killing these dogs, one social media comment (whom will remain anonymous) stated “Cry babies. It’s not even our country. It’s none of your business. Take care of your own problems.”

Be the Voice

It is everyone’s business. When someone calls to light an issue of concern it’s anyone and everyone’s business that wants to stand up and do something about it. That is how people make a difference in the lives of others. Be the voice for the voiceless in your country or another. Making the difference for one living soul (human or animal) is making the difference for future generations to come. It’s creating a world of compassion rather than a world of passive existence. What are you doing to create global change? Take time to visit the HSUS International page and sign the petition to be the Voice for stray dogs in Sochi.

When you’re passionate and committed, you can do anything. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this article with others. Please share any comments, story, and event ideas with me at

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