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Stray dogs are best of friends and they need to be adopted from animal control

Best friends hope for a home together
Best friends hope for a home together
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Given their dissimilar size, differing breeds and opposite coloring, some might call "Kip," and "Fawn," an odd couple, but if the dogs could talk, they would likely refer to themselves simply as "best friends."

Best friends

Weeks ago, the pair was picked up on the side of the road by a woman who transported them to the Montgomery County Animal Control in Christiansburg, Va. The woman advised the facility that the dogs were obviously bonded and even noted that the pit bull would share her food with the tiny Chihuahua.

Today, the endearing duo continues to wait for a family who will appreciate their charm and who will want to offer them a loving home.

Marilyn Wheaton, who works at the facility, offered the following information to the National Dog News Examiner about Kip and Fawn:

When Kip is out by himself, he's a typical Chihuahua in a shelter environment - nervous, unsure about new people, and not particularly pleased about being on the leash. When Fawn is out alone she is friendly with everyone, but shy and unsure of herself - doing a lot of crawling on her belly.

When the pair are out together, however, they are completely different. They start running around and playing with each other and the people they are with. Kip suddenly becomes friendly with everyone, if still a little shy for the first minute or so. He doesn't mind the leash anymore if it means he gets to walk with his best buddy.

Fawn becomes exuberantly happy and turns into a big puppy. Her only flaw is that sometimes she gets a little too excited and gets a little mouthy and jumpy. Kip has learned to tuck and roll when Fawn goes charging past him and he thinks it's hilarious, so the two play great together. Both are very well-behaved on the leash for walks together.

Wheaton offered insight on the types of dogs that Kip and Fawn prefer:

The couple has been tested with dogs, and each has different things that they like and dislike. Kip definitely prefers females over males, while Fawn seems to prefer dogs that are smaller than she is.

The facility would love to see Kip and Fawn join a home together, given their beautiful friendship and obvious enjoyment with one another's company.

Wheaton noted the following about rescue and/or adoption:

With unaltered dogs, we can only adopt to our own county (Montgomery) and the surrounding counties. The shelter is very rescue-friendly, however, and we can transfer dogs to any reputable rescue with a 501(c)3.

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Inquiries can be emailed to:

Facebook thread here.

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