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Stray dog in San Bernardino bonds with homeless man: Pooch has a story to tell

RESCUED! Baby has been rescued by the Heigl Foundation. Thank you everyone for sharing this dog's story and helping her to find safety with his fine foundation. Follow their amazing stories of rescue on Facebook by clicking here.

Please help to find Baby a real home.
Cari No Bsl Ennis

Sharing saves lives.

Baby is a one-year-old stray who had been wandering the streets of San Bernardino. One day she met up with a kind human; it had been quite awhile since anyone even acknowledged her presence, none the less showed her any kindness.

So Baby and this human bonded quickly. She would follow him everywhere he went; no leash, no collar, but they would look into each other's eyes and for the next three days, a new friendship was born.

Baby's human, however was a homeless man, who could hardly afford to care and feed for himself, and with great sorrow, the man brought Baby to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, hoping against hope that this kind and gentle dog, who loves everyone could find a real home where scrounging around just to survive wouldn't be a part of her daily life.

For days Baby cried from loneliness when her human abandoned her, but then, as upset as Baby, the man has repeatedly visited Baby making the dog's heart leap outward with pure joy.

A volunteer was at the shelter when Baby was brought in:

"Unfortunately, he cannot care for her and barely able to take care of himself. He has visited her several days, and she just lights up and goes crazy when she sees him. The love is so apparent. He is a nice man, and it breaks his heart to not be able to provide and keep her. When he walks away, she wails and wails. I couldn't calm her. The first day I wasn't prepared for the depth of the bond they had and was crying by the time he had to say goodbye to her."

Baby needs a home immediately. She will be eligible for adoption on May 14. Please ask for ID#465114.

Follow Baby's thread on Facebook as volunteers and animal advocates try their best to help this dog have a real future.

Click here for her Pet Harbor link.

San Bernardino City Shelter (909)384-1304, 333 Chandler Pl., San Bernardino, CA 92408.

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