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Stray dog close to death with fleas recuperating after rescued by Texas group

A helpless, young gray pit bull who was found lying in a Houston street in a puddle trying to drink water and hardly able to move because of a large scale infestation of fleas is now recuperating thanks to the efforts of Corridor Rescue Inc. The Houston, nonprofit rescue concentrates its efforts just east of I-59 - off Little York called the Corridor of Cruelty.

Stray dog close to death with fleas recuperating after rescued by Texas group-slide0
Corridor Rescue
Found lying in a shallow puddle trying to drink, Thomas was too weak to even stand.  He has since been rescued by Corridor Rescue and is ready to be pampered in a foster home.
Corridor Rescue

Everyday volunteers go out into the streets, and last Saturday was no exception when Street Team members Valerie Patch Johnson and Beth Lovell came upon the helpless dog. As the women tried to encourage the dog to move to a grassy area, they knew he was on the brink of death. Carefully picking him up, they immediately rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital where he was given a blood transfusion; the dog suffered from acute anemia as a result of more than 500 fleas ravaging his undernourished body.

After just one day of treatment, Thomas, as the dog was named, started making his own red blood cells and showed an immediate improvement. Thomas tested heartworm positive and suffers from sarcoptic mange, but his future is already looking brighter.

Just two days and one luxurious scrubbing bath, Thomas' update at the veterinary hospital from Paige Moore was reported on the group's Facebook page:

"They think he is such a sweet and awesome dog. Super nice and major love!
And I can happily say she said those words numerous times! They also think he is a big goofball.

She said he scared himself the other day as he was hooked on to the outside of his cage while they cleaned it. He decided he wanted to get back in his cage prior to them being finished and proceeded to walk in. Well he caught his lead on the door and it came around and popped him in the rear (not hard)....but it apparently scared him quite a bit."

To donate to the medical care of Thomas, please go to or mail your donation to 10134 Hammerly Blvd, Box 187, Houston, TX 77040.

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