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Stray cats must still endure harsh weather

Stray cats are disappearing from the streets of Montréal. During this last cold winter, we saw less and less familiar silouettes at night. I believe the harsh winter is not the only culprit although there are sad stories about frozen bodies in the alley.

My experience on Facebook which is very limited tends to indicate that many girls who were feeding the strays picked some up to find them a good home. I certainly hope they will not brag too much about it since all they do is dump them in shelters and simili shelters meaning private homes to let someone else take charge.

Trapping strays to get them out of the cold is only the first step towards helping these poor souls that fall victims of irresponsible owners.

We also found that municipal by-laws sprouting up left and right are a huge act of cruelty towards stray cats and their saviors. More and more councils are putting forward by-laws forbidding to feed the stray cats saying if they are not fed they will go away.

Oh, ya. Cats will take the bus and get out of the Montréal island to feed somewhere else. Cats are everywhere around this province, abandoned, looking for help and specially food. It is a big act of cruelty towards the humans looking after them, managing colonies, paying with their pocket money for cat food and building small shelters for the winter. They are harassed and ticketed.

Stray cats, like I said before are part of urban fauna except they do not hibernate and it is our responsibility as humans to pick up where the irresponsible members of our species left off and feed this population of animals living among us. They are sentient creatures depending on us.

Activists are still asking for more laws to punish ill treatment of animals but to them I say "don't ask for more laws, we cannot manage the ones we have with compassion and good sense".

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