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Stray cat attacked by a human

Attacked by a human

This photo is circulating this morning on social media but with a wrong heading. Unfortunately, the vet could not recognize the lashing of a knife or machete from a wild animal attack. She should have reported it to the police, the same when she sees another form of animal cruelty.

What is wrong with people ? We perfectly know what happens in the next stage of animal cruelty. It graduates to people cruelty.

But denouncing it has to be done to the police. MAPAQ made it perfectly clear, it does not protect strays "because they are not owned". That kind of crap is making the life of stray cats in this province more and more terrific.

Stray cats are not safe in the streets and alleys, we know that. Traffic accidents, hunger and wandering helplessly are a day to day life for strays. These cats do not survive for many years. They need our help.

But just as Operation Felix was gathering the rescuing efforts and working on some solutions, MAPAQ shut it down with fabrication of proof, lies and perjury. The court case was a mascarade of justice and I believe it will happen to many other rescuers before we succeed to denounce it publicly.

Busybodies, HSI and private clubs are controlling the media while a bunch of girls, took pretty names for their rescues and are roaming the streets saving cats in peril. "C'est le monde à l'envers". As we say in Quebec.

If you have any idea how to save these cats and educate, please contact me. Something has to be done and NOW. If it is the last thing I do, I want to create some union between rescuers, stop the competition and bickering so the cats can find a real world to live in.


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