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Strategies for Online Dating


  Plan ahead for Internet dating.

Successful online dating isn’t as much about faith as it is about strategy, not unlike a campaign. Start with a specific goal in mind, prepare a detailed plan and begin to put it into action. A sense of adventure and humor will help make the navigation of Internet dating services, not only fun, but more productive.

Are you looking for a life partner or hoping to play the field and meet good people? While you may not want to blurt out all of your expectations on the first date, being honest from the beginning about what you’re hoping to find, will eliminate a lot of wasted time.
Have Reasonable Expectations
We all have issues and qualities that we will not compromise. But, if your goal is to land the perfect 10, you might as well give up while you’re ahead. Being able to accept that some of your desires in a partner may not come to fruition is a mature and healthy attitude. But that doesn’t mean you should be asked to set aside your desire for a partner who shares important life issues like religion or cultural traditions.

Drop the Façade
Your profile should reflect the person you are not the one you think others may be looking for. Take inventory of yourself and honestly present your strengths and even some of your more obvious weaknesses. Just express a sincere opinion of your own nature. A truthful representation of your qualities may not draw hundreds of responses, but the people who do respond will know what they’re getting into from the beginning and make it easier to find an honest connection.

It may be true that a photo will bring more hits on a profile, but pretending to be other than your true self will only bring disdain. One of the worst case scenarios is to be on a first date that ends badly because one of the people posted a fake profile photo. Choose a recent photograph accurately represents you.

Learn to Compromise
Being realistic about the type of people you will meet will make the process easier. Know what you will absolutely not accept, but don’t make the list so long that no one will ever meet it. Compromise is a vital part of every healthy relationship; learning to accept the differences that are bound to crop up will help you avoid unnecessary drama and unreasonable expectations.

The time you put into online dating will be rewarding, if you’re honest and upfront about what your expectations are for a relationship. And remember to relax and have fun.

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