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Strategically keeping Detroit clean & conserving energy.

Big Belly Solar compacting unit.
Big Belly Solar compacting unit.
Big Belly Solar

The Big Belly Solar Company is changing the concept of waste collection with their highly sought after Big Belly product. The Big Belly product is a patented trash compactor that runs off 100% solar energy. If seen from afar, it appears to be an ordinary trash can, but this great product has many positive benefits for a city such as Detroit.

The Big Belly compacting feature allows five times the storing capacity of a normal trash bin, therefore, while a typical garbage bin require workers to commute to empty the collection of trash, this frequent task would prove unnecessary for the Big Belly. A municipality such as Detroit could reduce their fuel savings significantly. The by-product of fuel savings from commute reduction equates lowering emissions generated from the city’s vehicle fleet.

Acquiring the Big Belly would also help to alleviate some labor cost, something Detroit is having difficulty with. Significantly reducing the frequency of trash collection could easily allow reduction of the work force while maintaining cleanliness within the city.

If there are any doubts about the implementation of this device, observe Philadelphia’s plan. Philadelphia just replaced 700 of their garbage bins with 500 Big Belly units. Like many other large municipalities these days, Philadelphia is facing a 1.4 billion dollar deficit over the next five years and estimates implementing the Big Belly would save them approximately $875,000.