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Strapless Dresses


Strapless dresses may look feminine and elegant but it's not so attractive if it doesn't fit properly. We've videotaped and photographed quite a few weddings where the bride or a bridesmaid was wearing a strapless that didn't fit as it should. It must have felt as if it were slipping down. She spent half the day and night tugging at the top of the dress. What an aggravation and on such a special day I had to question, "Was it worth it?"

More than once in the photos and on the DVD did I have to edit out images of a dress being pulled up while she shifted left and right as the dressed moved about on her frame.

Wide lacy straps on a beautiful dress.

Even spaghetti straps or a wide lacy band would've eliminated that dreaded feel of a dress malfunction. There's always at least one shot of either the bride or a bridesmaid pulling at her dress during the cake cutting or the bouquet toss and you may not always be able to edit the shot unless you’re George Lucas and have access to his editing studio. So if you have to have strapless, then spend the extra time and money to have the dresses properly fitted.



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