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Strange Smell

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My friend and I were talking about strange happenings on the phone. How there something in our houses trying to get our attention. The entire time we were on the phone there would be an interruption of static. We have to keep hanging up. The last time I was on the phone with her I got a strange smell of cigarette smoke. I was asking her if she had the same experience. She did not smell anything like that; however, two days ago that was happening in her house to. She could not pinpoint where it was coming from. The heat has been on the high side, so we have no windows open and the AC's on full blast. After I got off the phone, my phone screen turned on to the time 6:11.

More Photos

I decided to take some pictures and you will see what caught on camera. The most impressive picture took me 7 times to load.


Cheryl A Nocera