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Strange ships caught on film over Scarborough

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On April 9, 2014 at approximately 12:48 p.m., Paul Shishis was on his lunch break at work in Scarborough, Ontario when he decided to take some pictures.

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“I thought to block the sun with the work roof facing south,” he said. “With the naked eye I could see a lot of white fluff (seeds) flying about. There was also something similar in character quite high in the sky and moves much slower so I took some pictures trying to capture these high, white unknowns- again maybe seeds.

What he did captured, however, was quite the surprise to him.

“After reviewing the pictures, I found one very interesting,” Shishis noted. “The characteristics of this odd image do not fit the bill of a flying seed so thus again wonder what did my camera capture?

The Oshawa resident added that he did not see the objects when taking the photos. However, they reveal two very different UFOs.

“There appears to be a red color besides all of the white in the photo,” he said referring to one of them, “not to mention that it appears craft shaped.”