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Strange shadowy figure caught on camera in Iowa restaurant

Employees of a restaurant in Iowa recently experienced what they believe to be paranormal activity last month. A surveillance video from the restaurant was posted on Youtube of a strange shadowy figure hovering over the sinks, Iowa's NBC affiliate KFOR reported yesterday.

Pat Orr claims that his restaurant his haunted
Pat Orr claims that his restaurant his haunted
Photo courtesy of NBC
Strange activity has been occurring at an Iowa restaurant
Photo courtesy of Pat Orr

Staff of the Chuck & Edna's Maid-Rite restaurant in Cascade, Iowa have been experiencing odd occurrences and they even caught some of the strange events on video. Owner Pat Orr claims that weird stuff has been happening for over three years since the opening of the restaurant. Orr recently captured what he believes to be paranormal activity on April 14 on one of the restaurant's surveillance cameras. Video footage from the camera shows an eerie shadowy figure hovering over the dishwashing sinks.

"We found you can’t make a shadow on the floor back there because of all the lights. Some people said it’s a bug on the lens, again I don’t know what the thing is." Orr said.

Orr asked Cascade Police Chief Fried Heim what he thinks the strange shadow is and if he has investigated things like this before. Heim isn't sure what the shadow is and told Orr that he should call in some paranormal investigators.

"I still can’t tell you what I saw. There was a fuzzy thing on there. He asked me if we investigated stuff like that and I basically told him that he probably should call Ghostbusters." Heim said. "I've been here in town about eight years but they say there have been quite a few different things that have actually been on that lot over there; a grocery store and there’s been some other things in the area such as funeral homes and the old ambulance garage so," he continued.

The shadow figure isn't the only thing that has been caught on video. A few days after the shadow figure made an appearance, the surveillance cameras captured cups falling from a shelf and hitting an employee on the head while he was working.

What do you think the shadowy figure is ? Is it a hoax or some sort of publicity stunt? Could it actually be a ghost trying to get someone's attention? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

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