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Strange shadowy figure captured on store surveillance camera in North Carolina

North Carolina woman notices odd figure on store surveillance system
North Carolina woman notices odd figure on store surveillance system

An employee of a convenience store in North Carolina recently noticed something strange on the store's surveillance monitor. The woman shared her story and an image of the odd figure with ParaSci last night.

Amber from Raleigh, North Carolina was working alone in a convenience store when she saw a dark and shadowy figure appear on the screen of the store's DVR system. She believes that the figure is proof that the store is haunted.

“I've long believed our store to be haunted, but today’s encounter left me with chills. I was working alone when I noticed a strange figure on the security monitor. I took a closer look and couldn't believe what I saw," Amber told ParaSci in an interview.

A snapshot of the security video reveals an odd black figure hovering near the cash registers. According to Amber, she was alone, and there were no other employees or customers in the store at the time.

"The monitor showed a dark, hovering figure with a torso, head and outstretched arm. It seemed to be reaching for the cigarette rack. I turned my head to look, but saw nothing. Moments later, a customer walked into the store. I glanced at the monitor once again, but the figure was nowhere to be seen," Amber said.

What do you think the shadowy figure is? Is it just debris? Is it a hoax? Could it really be a ghost? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

For more ghostly photos and scary stories, visit ParaSci's website.

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