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Strange noise not alien in Manchester, England

The Hilton Tower also known as the Beetham Tower soars 47-stories high and is located in Manchester, England. The massive, impressive looking tower was designed by Ian Simpson and completed in 2006.

The Hilton Tower also known as the  Beetham Tower located in Manchester, England.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In May of 2006, a few weeks after the towers completion, a strange hum was first heard coming from the tower and only appear during windy weather, The sound could be heard from about 300 metres away. The noise became annoying and was compared to that of a "alien saucer hovering" and even to an "end of the world" type sound.

The strange sounds during windy weather was found to be caused by a structural flaw in the skyscraper. Attempts were done to eradicate or reduce the aggravating, high pitched noise took place from 2007- 2010. The attempts to eliminate the noise such as installing foam pads, aluminum nosing and other work failed.

Aside from the humming caused by an architectural design flaw, their were other problems encountered including in 2008, a pane of glass cracked causing them to close off the street below and in 2009, a fire started in one apartment on the 31st floor. Part of the tower was evacuated.

High winds in 2012 caused a disturbing loud hum of which the architect himself, apologized for. Then again, extremely high winds on December 8th, caused an alien-like, wailing noise that could be heard for miles. It caused quite a scare to residents who were not aware of it coming from the Beetham Tower.

Readers should be happy to know though, this strange disturbance is not the product of an alien invasion and is a structural problem in the design of the Beetham tower itself.

The phenomenon has become known as "The Beetham Tower Howl". No solution to the problem has been found.