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Strange news: Woman charged with intentionally running down ex-husband's fiancee

Divorces can often get messy, but seldom do the circumstances lead to incidents quite like this piece of strange news.

48-year-old Margaret Henry of Lorton, Va. is in custody without bond after allegedly running over her ex-husband's new fiancee intentionally as the two stood in their driveway last week.

According to Washington's NBC outlet News4 on Tuesday, authorities say Henry drove her 2013 Hyundai off the road and into the couple's yard, hitting the unnamed fiancee, and struck a utility trailer before parking. The victim became "entangled in the windshield" and the ex-husband restrained Henry until police and medical attention arrived.

The victim sustained multiple fractures in the crash so severe that doctors at a Fairfax hospital ultimately amputated her lower leg. Henry was arrested and charged with aggravated malicious wounding. By Virginia law, that particular charge is considered a Class 2 felony if the victim suffers "permanent and significant physical impairment."

News4 notes that though Henry and her ex-husband have been divorced for a few years now, one neighbor called arguments that could be heard next door before their split "evil."

"I heard them screaming bloody murder, using foul language," Delores Moseke said. "She was tough. She was a tough bird."

Nonetheless, neighbor Jeanne Clapp said she "would have never thought [Henry] would do that."

Henry is expected to appear in court on Feb. 24.

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