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Strange News: Olympian Bruce Jenner wants to become Bridget Jenner?

The 1976 Olympic decathlon winner, Bruce Jenner, is apparently transitioning from being a man to becoming a woman, so reports a publication called Hollywood Life. The publication shows pictures of Jenner over time that show him becoming more female looking in his appearance, and Hollywood Life reports he has allegedly chosen to call himself “Bridget” after he become a woman.

Bruce Jenner becoming Bridget Jenner?
Hollywood Life

The article in Hollywood Life says Jenner is considering having a “gender reassignment” surgery, which it attributes to Star Magazine. It further reports, “The 64-year-old reality star, reportedly reached out to good friend of his, Renee Richards, who is a transgender rights advocate, according to the magazine. That’s when Bruce allegedly got advice on possibly going through with gender reassignment surgery, and he also revealed he had picked out the name, Bridget.”

Additionally, the story says that, “...sources close to Bruce told TMZ that he has a “Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery.””

It will seem to some a bit of a fall from grace for a successful Olympic athlete, someone who is one of the few that are regarded as role models and in some ways heroes in our society, to be come a subject of tabloid and entertainment publication stories about alleged trans-sexualism and “gender reassignment.”

Many Americans, outside of the rare genetic mishaps which cause one to be born with part or all of both sets of sexual organs, are of the belief that we are assigned our sex or gender as males and females when we're born and such a thing is not a matter of personal choice. Ironically, the leader of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender (LBGT) community that repeatedly claims that sexual orientation (being heterosexual or homosexual) is a matter determined when one is born, yet supports fully the choice of some to transition from one gender to the other even to the point of living as the other gender, taking certain hormones to become that gender, and being surgically altered via a “gender reassignment” procedure to actually become physically the other gender.

Jenner will be praised as couragious by some if he “comes out” publicly to proclaim his status as a woman and calling him/her self then “Bridget,” while others will see this as a tragic event and question Jenner's mental stability and his very sanity. Right or wrong, psychiatrists used to consider homosexuality itself to be a mental disorder, and no doubt would have considered it an even more serious disorder that one believes so strongly they want to be the other sex that they would have hormone therapy and go under the knife to have their body altered to resemble that sex. Strange news it is.

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