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Strange News: Kids in community store mugshots bring friends to see

Kids bring friends to see their hall of fame status as known shoplifter
Kids bring friends to see their hall of fame status as known shoplifter

Uptown Oklahoma City, North Western Avenue. The counter of the "QC" convenience store is a small Mom and Pop operation. 2 gas pumps, a fried food counter and various snack or automotive items, alcohol and beer. Maybe a newspaper.

Entering the store, there is a gallery of photographs taped to the wall. Snapped from the computer surveillance system, the images are all marked "shoplifter".

This writer asked the clerk, who proceeded to show that the store has 14 angles of camera, in and outside the building. The store recently had begun to post a gallery of photographs of shoplifters caught on camera.

The gallery has apparently drawn some attentions from the community youth. Most of the photos are of youth thefts. Apparently, the youth see their friend's photos, and then bring the friends back to see the posted photos of the accusation.

The store has not used the images to date to prosecute.

The clerk noted that the camera system has caught film of a traffic accident, which was used in court for prosecution, and of a criminal entry and exit of a nearby business, again used for criminal prosecution.

The youth response, the clerk admitted was a little odd, as is the youths bold and ongoing returns to the store.

Local parents have been alerted through neighborhood associations, as have schools. Perhaps parents will also come by to see if their young person is one of those photographically accused.

Western continues to work to be a more cohesive, community friendly environment that offers safe and positive shopping, entertainment and dining experiences.

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