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Strange news: Ferrari dealer involved in drunk driving incident in Qatar?

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Strange news! A Ferrari dealership in the Middle East was allegedly involved in a hit and run car accident when a man online sources are claiming was a drunk driver crashed his car into the showroom of the local dealer. On Feb. 11, 2014, Motor Authority confirmed the exotic car crash (of sorts), saying, "An alleged drunk driver recently crashed his Kia into a Ferrari dealership in an upmarket area of the Qatar capital Doha."

Their source was the exotic car enthusiast website Supercar Kids who also posted and accompanying video. Motor Authority shared, "[The video] shows what’s presumed to be a guard helping the Kia driver reverse out of the dealership instead of attempting to apprehend him. Once out, the Kia driver then floors the pedal and flees the scene."

It is important to note that while the video that is now going viral on the internet may show the car crashed into the new car dealership, but whether the driver was intoxicated or not has not (at this time) been confirmed. Only speculation exists that the driver fled the scene in order to avoid being caught driving drunk by the Qatar police.

Any time a car dealership is struck by a vehicle, the incident seems to be disconcerting -- but to have a Ferrari dealership involved in a hit and run is a huge auto news story. As one reader named Krunal Rindani said, "I have seen this place in real life and it's just sad how such an incident can happen at a place like Pearl Qatar!"

On a plus note, the dealer is certainly enjoying a plethora of free publicity for his new car dealership thanks to the series of unfortunate events.