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Strange news: Egg throwing becomes felonious

I bet you never heard this story told before today this story of egg throwing being considered a felony. Wait a second I'm not joking! Justin Bieber's house was searched today because of a search warrant in the pursuit of eggs and associated egg throwing paraphernalia.

Justin Bieber accused of felonious egg throwing
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I saw television guys talking about lifting fingerprints off egg shells. Really, I viewed that. There was a commentator who noted that eggs can be identified as being from a certain batch because of certain physical characteristics they possess. Hmm, I never knew eggs were so darn significant.

It's not being treated as a lighthearted story. There are people hiding behind this story somehow and some way.

This was a slow news day, right. I guess someone thought so. But, if you look around Wahington D.C. (and so it's on televisions everywhere) is full of buzz about the ever-maddening unemployment compensation kerfuffle. That unemployment compensation kerfuffle is so bigger than eggs in my book. It's SO bigger than that. Slow news days are in August when news makers are vacationing and journalists are also somewhere other than at their laptops.

Imagine the spectacle of an angelic-looking Justin Bieber going to prison for throwing eggs. What, you may ask yourself, or who is in need of cover fire to attack the enemy. And, of course, this is just more of a continuing stream of weird stories that curiously stay on the radar of our national news producers and creators.

The damage, claims his neighbor, was over $20,000: WHAT! Has he considered hosing the eggs off his house before sending in the Smithsonian art curators to assess the damage to his siding and glass windows.

I threw an egg at a house. I think maybe once I did. It seems to me the damage was light and the humor was appreciated by all. Felony egg throwing seems a bit much. Fancy-schmancy neighbors Bieber has.

Perhaps the notion of hosing off his house should be suggested to the offended man or the victim if you will. But is he really a victim?


There is a sports angle to throwing eggs and as a former athlete I appreciate that. How 'bout appreciating Justin's throwing motion in his effort to be a news maker. Do you think a publicist in his employ got this story more coverage?

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