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Strange homes from around the world

The Aura Residence - Salzburg, Austria
The Aura Residence - Salzburg, Austria

A well-built home is made with level walls, windows, and a sturdy foundation. Or is it? Some of the most recognized and stand-out homes are made from anything but the norm. Whether they are designed to be completely see-thru, or light up the sky at night, we’ve found some of the most unusual and strange homes from around the world.

When you live in an extreme home, such as the ones we found, there is bound to be a story behind it. And, of course, a sturdy price tag. You can only live in a fantasy world if you’ve got the funds to back it up, so sit back and enjoy a taste of the rich life.

Strange houses from around the world

The Aura – The Aura Residence, located in Laranca, Cyprus, was designed to resemble the waves of the ocean from the exterior. It is constructed of stainless metal and glass, and has a roof canopy that opens automatically when temperatures warm.

Casa Son Vida 1 – The Casa Son Vida 1 was once a Mediterranean villa in the 1956’s, but was renovated into a residential home in 2008. The vast 8,500 square foot structure is located in Mallorca, Spain, and features a highly sustainable design.

The Auto Residence – Can you guess what the inspiration was for the Voglreiter Auto Residence? Desgned by German architect Mark Voglreiter, this beautiful and strange home was inspired by the Volkswagen Bug! Located near Salzburg, Austria, this home includes energy efficient features that reduce energy consumption and cost of living.

The Upside Down House – The Upside Down House was designed by Daniel Czapiewski, and took over 5x longer to build than a traditional home. Located in Poland, it serves as a tourist attraction in a small village where visitors enter from a roof window, located at ground level. From there, visitors walk on the ceiling of the home, instead of the floor and enjoy the uniqueness of its reverse construction.

The Shell House – Beach lovers are sure to feel right at home in Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s Shell House. Best of all, this strange home IS available for rent! It sleeps 4, is located on the beach, and has a stunning outdoor swimming pool. Want to rent The Shell House? Here’s how.

Have a beautiful and strange house you’d like to share? We’d love to see it! Feel free to post your information below and be added to our list.

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