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‘Strange feeling’ means likely UFO sighting, says Shishis

On July 17, 2014, Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario had that strange feeling again that he was going to see a UFO. This time, he asked his wife to go outside on their deck with him so he would have another witness.

Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario had a feeling that he would see a UFO on July 17, 2014.
Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario had a feeling that he would see a UFO on July 17, 2014.
Paul Shishis

“Here we go again for another daylight UFO sighting,” Shishis said. “ had this feeling once again. I really felt I was going to witness a UFO with that strong thought of feelings. I suppose being on holidays can do that to a person.”

With Shishis, it does not really matter if he is on vacation at home, at work in Scarborough or anywhere else for that matter. Wherever he happens to be, UFOs tend to show up.

After chatting with his wife for about 20 minutes, he looked up toward the west and “was shocked once again or at least surprised,” he said. “Up very high, I could see something strange moving from the west to east.” He saw a “long white unidentified flying object!”

As he continued to watch in order to confirm its presence, Shishis said the object appeared to move toward his house.

“Bringing attention to my wife I said, “Look, another UFO up there. It was almost sticking out like a sore thumb - glistening white and also appearing to change shape.”

“It’s probably the moon,” his wife replied looking “back down on her phone.”

Shishis knew that she had a closed mind when it came to UFOs so he was not surprised by her response. However, he decided to snap some pictures anyway to try to capture the white object on film.

“It did appear to intensely glisten as it was near (and) over the house – the sun rays reflection I suspect.”

After taking 15 photos over about two minutes, he lost sight of the object as it passed over his house toward the east.

“I then raced to the backyard to further view it,” he said adding that he still could not see it. After looking for another three to four minutes, he noticed a “small brilliant white” light up quite high and moving “very fast.” He then saw a “jet come across from the south heading north.

“It had not been the first time seeing that type of aircraft before or after a UFO sighting,” he noted.

Shishis wondered if his own thought to another witness (his wife) might have prompted the sighting.

“Either all of this is coincidence or I do appear to be in some telepathic form of contact of higher intelligence(s),” he said. “And it’s not letting up today.”

When Shishis uploaded the photos to his computer, he was happy to have managed to get some “sweet pictures.” It appears that the object changed shape a number of times.

He would like to extend a thank you to MG for his enhancements.

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