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Strange facts about men and women who cheat

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Exact statistics about extra-marital relationships and cheating in relationships can not be established due to the mysterious nature of unfaithfulness. Before discussing statistical facts on cheaters you should know some mysterious facts about infidelity. A husband does not necessarily cheat on his wife because he is unhappy with her but still more than 55% men claim their unhappy married life as the main cause of their extra marital affair. Even most of the men satisfied from their married life also go to bed with a woman other than their wives. Not only men but women are also not found faithful with their marital relationship, in most of the cases.

Some Of The Most Recognized Facts On Cheaters

It has been established through various researches that nearly 2-3% of the children population all over the world is the outcome of unfaithful relationships. Most of these children are raised unwillingly by the men who are not their father biologically. Today it is easy to establish their paternity facts with the help of DNA tests.

According to some estimates regarding extra marital affairs among married people nearly 35-65% of married persons were found engaged in unfaithful extra marital relationships at any point of their married life. For this reason almost half of such marriages end up in divorces and the set back to their relationship make them go astray throughout their life. One can not clearly recognize the signs of unfaithfulness but they can be determined easily after observing them closely.

Ages 30 And Younger Are Attracted To Disloyal Relationships

People under the age of 30 years are normally found attracted to disloyal relationships. According to various experts this unfaithful relationship is the reluctance and inclination of the younger generations to have and enjoy more than one sexual relationship before getting married or the chance of spending long time away from their spouses. The number of men who cheat is much higher than women who cheat due to their financial stability. With the increasing financial independence among women we have seen a steady increasing and alarming rate of women who cheat. You can find a number of articles and fictions on why men and women cheat their spouses after getting financial independence.

Cultural Differences On Cheating

Circumcision among women, permission of limited sexual relationship and death penalty are some of the extreme measures adopted by some of the cultures to control unfaithful relationships strictly. But many other cultures instead considering infidelity a marital problem consider it more as a degrading act. There are possibilities that one may have some emotional feeling for various persons at a point of time but if you evaluate it logically then you will find that it is not easy to love more than one person at the same time. It is not easy to find out unfaithfulness in relationship, in most of the cases. People are increasingly getting engaged into ext-marital relationships due to modern means of communications including internet, chat rooms and email etc. (See "Does Facebook Lead To Divorce?"

Office Affairs

Scenes of office romance are becoming a common affair these days since the number of working women had increased in the offices because people spend more time with their colleagues than their spouses. People involved in unfaithful relationships are hurt and suffer pain more in the betrayal of emotional relationship as compared to physical or sexual relationship. But if one has emotional as well as physical attachment in his extramarital relationship then its betrayal can worsen the situation more critically. In fact infidelity is rarely based on any reasonable cause. In most of the cases it is the outcome of some emotional moments or circumstances.

Change In Behavior

Actually at the start of any extra marital relationship people mostly surprise on their behavior at that moment. It has been proved biologically that most of the extra marital relationships are the resultant of long term monogamy which is not impossible to achieve but still some people find it difficult for them and get indulged into infidelity. Most of the married people get involved into extra marital relationship because they found a suitable partner for them after their marriage. So they become disloyal to their spouse. In some cases of infidelity jealousy plays an important role as the unfaithful spouse wants to hurt his/her partner due to this natural instinct. In most of the cases people get into extra marital relationships to enjoy its fantasies with someone other than their real life partner.

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