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Strange deal got Restrepo to San Antonio

Walter Restrepo
Walter Restrepo
90 Minutes Strong

The Walter Restrepo has proved to be more interesting than the original press release suggested with revelations of Restrepo being traded for an additional night's hotel stay for Fort Lauderdale and ground transportation when the Strikers come to San Antonio.

There were hints in the original press release that all was not as it seemed, with a mention that the deal was a trade and not a free transfer, leaving Scorpions fans worried that they'd find out later what was traded for Restrepo.

The other hint was the thanking of Crockett Hotel, who will be providing accommodation for all visiting teams (including the extra night for the Strikers) and Shark Limo, who will be providing the ground transportation.

Under NASL rules, the home team must provide accommodation for visiting clubs for one night, but with Fort Lauderdale wanting extra days, and transport they took the chance.

The deal is very shrewd from the Scorpions as they effectively still get a transfer for free as they were able to work out the deal with the Scorpions.

It does look bad for Fort Lauderdale who have sold one of their fan favorites in an effort to avoid paying for hotel rooms rather than gaining anything of value for the fans.

For all the talk about the deal being interesting, there's really nothing wrong about it, both teams got what they wanted and agreed to a trade that is exactly how capitalistic society is supposed to work.

It does not reflect well on a league with lofty ambitions, to be competitive with Major League Soccer, to have players traded for barter, something you'd never see a top flight league do.

Scorpions president Howard Cornfield declined to comment on the issue mentioning that the club has a policy of not commenting on the terms of transfers, although his thoughts can be found in Grant Wahl's Sports Illustrated article.

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