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Strange cat habits

Some cats have very strange habits, I am going to cover some of them in this article. Mostly for fun, but I am sure there are a few of you out there that will be thinking to yourself, "So my cat isn't the only one to do that!".

I think one of the strangest habits I discovered was with my recently departed cat, Cash. After my husband left for training in the Army and continuing through his 15 month deployment Cash chewed his back claws. I asked his vet and she looked at him a few times to see if there were any signs of infection or irritation and she couldn't find any so it was narrowed down to stress relief.

Another strange habit was exhibited by a cat I had growing up, his litter box was in the basement. The basement was not scary, but he seemed to be convinced there were monsters that would get him if he stayed in his litter box too long. He would run out of there so fast sometimes he would forget to bury his business.

I read somewhere on the Internet once about a cat that sits like a flamingo and is quite content in doing so. Another strange habit I have seen and heard about in cats is when their owner is in the shower they sit on the bath ledge and peak their head around the shower curtain like they are checking up on their owner. Maybe they think we hate water as much as they do.

Another habit I have read about from quite a few people is their cat sucking or nibbling on their earlobes, despite the age of the cat. I think that is rather strange for an older cat, but the younger ones that is no different than a baby sucking on anything she can half way fit in her mouth, it is a calming effect from memories of nursing.


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