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Strange and fun holiday: Celebrate fruitcake toss day

Throughout the year you’ll notice that there are many holidays to celebrate. In fact there is one or more for each day of the year. Today is no different. Each year since 1995 people in America celebrate a special day called “Fruitcake Toss Day”!

Fruitcake toss day!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Yes, you heard it right, fruitcake toss day!

What exactly is this holiday? It is a fun and strange holiday and a new tradition for so many Americans to have fun with.

Currently each year the residents of Manitou Springs, Colorado compete in what they refer to as the “Great Fruitcake Toss”. It is a day they all spend outdoors and toss fruitcakes. It is a contest to see who can toss, throw or hurtle a fruitcake the farthest.

This event became so popular that it turned into a festival and people from all areas of the country come to Colorado to participate in the fun. Aside from the tossing event there is also another event this day that takes place too called the “Fruitcake Derby”. Here contestants create racecars out of fruitcakes and race them to the finish as if they were little toys cars. Everyone enjoys themselves and wants to get in on the action.

Fruitcakes are or were a popular gift to give during the holidays that for some strange reason no one seems to like. Now you can either choose to give it away to another by re-gifting, eat it if you are one of the few fans of this particular cake or toss it. You can also plan on sending it to a nursing home, assisted living center or a soup kitchen for those less fortunate. Then again instead of tossing it in the circular file better known as the garbage can you can save it and bring it with you to the festival and see how far your throw is by tossing it with all the others who have fun during this event.

Happy Fruitcake Toss Day!

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