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Strand Theatre Horror Movie Marathon

Just a quick reminder that the Strand Theatre in Shelbyville will be showcasing a vast selection of horror films all this weekend. The event kicks of tonight, with the "The Italian Zombie Movie (Parts 1 & 2): Zombie Abomination and Zombie Atrocity". This will be followed by seven films tomorrow evening beginning at 2 pm. The classic flicks selected include "Invisible Ghost", the Coppola/Corman classic, "Dementia 13", "The Vampire Bat", "The Terror", "Attack of the Giant Leeches", "The Devil Bat", and ending the night with "It's Alive". To top of the weekend, the classic "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" will be shown Halloween afternoon at 2 pm. The ticket prices are a steal at only $5 per day/event, while kids can get in for only $4 on Sunday afternoon. Costumes are also encouraged to help give the event a true holiday feel. So instead of wasting your weekend going to see more recycled garbage (Saw 3D), spend the weekend with the Strand and enjoy those classic horror flicks of yesteryear.

For more information, please visit the first article and/or the Strand's official website.

The Strand Theatre is located at 215 South Harrison Street in Shelbyville.


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