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Straight Teeth Make for a Happier Person says Smile Cafe, NY

Researchers have long sought for the link between teeth and overall health, and the dental professionals at Smile Café Dental Spa say they had been well aware of recent findings that reveal a connection between happiness, overall health and straight teeth. Confidence is everything, or so the saying goes. Having a beautiful smile and straight teeth may be an integral part to how confident we are about ourselves and our overall well-being, according to a new research by the University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry.

The Telegraph reported on the new research, which was presented at The International Association of Dental Research in early 2014. According to the newspaper, this groundbreaking study is the first to ever “prove a clinical connection between oral health and general wellbeing.” Dr Rajesh Vijayanarayanan, who worked with the University of Manchester on the study, told the Telegraph that quality of life can be severely affected when there are big changes in oral health.

When someone loses a tooth or has dentures, they’re more likely to have lower confidence than those people who did not have similar oral health issues. As Dr Vijayanarayanan explained, these issues can have long lasting effects on a person’s well-being and success. In fact, many individuals are “more inhibited in daily activities” due to their oral health issues. It is important to note that confidence came with both natural teeth and “dental implants.”

Dr. Daniel Noor of Park Avenue Smile Café Dental Spa further explains how important it is to have straight teeth: “What a lot of people do not realize is just how much impact having straight teeth has on your entire life even on your entire body”. Dr. Daniel Noor reports from his 10+ years of his experience innovating and treating thousands of orthodontic/invisalign patients, that straight teeth are not just more appealing! They lead to happier, healthier, more successful person! Straight teeth when treated properly to achieve a balanced bite prevent and treat nearly 40 different dental and medical conditions such as sleep apnea, halitosis, periodontal gum disease, jaw disease, migraines, head and neck problems, chipped teeth, grinding, early loss of teeth, heart conditions, can correct facial deformities, remove facial wrinkles, provide higher strength specially to athletes and much more!

There have been studies where an athlete has done a set of pull-ups until he reaches fatigue. Once this athlete wore what is called a New Age Performance Mouth Guard to balance his bite temporarily, he was then able to do 35% more pull ups. Dr. Gary Lederman a neuromuscular dentist at Smile Café Dental Spa explains when your teeth and jaw are not aligned properly, your entire head and neck are strained which affects your entire body strength and performance. Dr. Lederman uses computerized equipment to record the resting position of a person's jaw, how it closes and any other movements. The process of properly aligning the jaw position is based on the principles of neuro-muscular dentistry. A"good" bite is achieved when the muscles of the face, jaw and neck are at their most efficient state.

These connections between oral health and well-being also spill over into other people’s perceptions. A different study commissioned by Invisalign looked at what people thought of straight versus crooked teeth. Those with crooked teeth were perceived as much less likely to get a job and less likely to be rich or successful.

Additionally, Kelton Research performed a study released in 2013, which surveyed 1,047 Americans. The results revealed that first impressions are significantly affected by the appearance of someone’s teeth, as people made positive correlations with someone else if they had good teeth. Moreover, the study found that 73 percent of respondents would be most likely to trust someone if they liked their smile. Meanwhile, over a third of people would try to avoid dating someone if they had bad teeth.

Your teeth can reveal a myriad of information about your habits, genetics, and even your personality. Not taking care of your teeth means that your poor health and lifestyle habits will become visible in your smile. Overconsumption of alcohol, smoking, and caffeine can all stain your teeth in the long run. Meanwhile, the habit of teeth grinding is associated with anxiety, anger, and stress – and it’s often associated with aggressive personalities. Dr. Daniel Noor states grinding is the sign upper and lower teeth are not properly lined up where jaw is most comfortable and jaw muscles are most relaxed. People unconsciously keep grinding to fight this imbalance as they try to find best fitting, most comfortable position but since their teeth are not lined up, they are not able to and hence keep grinding.

Oral-B conducted a study over five years on the importance of good teeth. They found that straight, white teeth can make a person look upwards of five years younger than their actual age. When straightening teeth, Dr. Daniel Noor gently widens upper and lower jaw which in turn helps reduce and remove some facial wrinkles as well. People with straight, white teeth were perceived to be 20 percent more attractive than others.

People are willing to go to all lengths to have better looking teeth. Fifty-percent of the people in the Kelton Research study said they would choose a good smile over clear skin, and 87 percent of respondents indicated that they would go a year without something (including dessert and vacations) to have a nice smile for the rest of their lives. Smile Café is the leading invisalign practice who has even seen many of their patients lose weight during invisalign treatment due to fact Dr. Daniel Noor stresses aligner wear 22+ hours per day!

Align Technology makers of invisalign selected Dr. Daniel Noor as the top presenter at their bi-annual summit in Vegas. Dr. Daniel Noor was chosen as the first place winner by his top peers for treating the most complex invisalign cases with the best results in the shortest amount of treatment time without any invasive procedures. His many innovations have led to better care and happiness for all his patients. As a matter of fact, Dr. Noor has been the first and probably the only doctor in country who performs hidden lingual attachments/buttons which has been a blessing for many of his patients such as models and business professionals who otherwise could not wear invisalign with visible buttons needed for better anchorage to ensure perfect results.

The team of 6 doctors and specialists at Smile Café Dental Spa believe that people don’t have to settle for merely wishing to have straight, attractive teeth. Professional cosmetic dental work, coupled with lifelong proper oral hygiene, can make it possible for everyone to have the happy, healthy smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Kristance Harlow contributed to this article.

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