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Straight talk with Dan Soder, a Colorado native blowin' up the NYC comedy scene

Funny man Dan Soder
Funny man Dan Soder
Photo thanks to Dan Soder, of Dan Soder

There are times when you look around and realize that, holy crap, all the hard work put towards a dream may finally be coming to fruition. For many a comedian, part of realizing that dream would be scoring some initial air time on Comedy Central.

For Aurora native Dan Soder, that day has come. I caught him on a coveted spot on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and laughed my butt off at his jokes about white kids talking like black kids and black kids talking like old, wealthy white men. I managed to hunt him down after a good amount of social media harassment and he eventually gave into the death grip of the Denver Comedy Examiner.

Let us begin.

Man, Aurora. That had to be rough. Where'd you go to school? Sorry. I'm very apparently not classically trained in this stuff.

I went to high school at Smoky Hill, a big school where I met a lot great people. A lot of people sh** on Aurora but I don't understand why. I've been around Denver and Aurora is a lot nicer than other places that don't catch as much crap. Just saying, people need to stop knocking Aurora.

Oops! That was a serious bad on my part, to you and all the Aurora folk…I guess I based my opinion on my limited time spent at The Stampede, an eclectic bar where I've encountered an, um, interesting crew of individuals.

I think the Stampede really messed up the views on Aurora [laughs]. It's weird that you said that because every time I bring up I'm from there to someone they give me sh**, so it was good to finally respond to all of that.

You're welcome! I read that you got your start in stand-up while going to college in Arizona. What prompted you to get on the stage? 

Starting in Arizona just happened to time up perfectly. I was going to the University of Arizona and I had always been obsessed with stand up but it just took me till I was 21 to get the balls to try it. That mixed with the fact that I didn't blend well at U of A, (as it was mostly beautiful people spending their parents' money). I just felt more comfortable hanging out at the comedy club with people who were funny and had interesting stories.

What do you perceive to be your main motivation in continuing to be successful as a comedian?

My main motivation in comedy is just to get as funny as possible. Living in New York you get to see so many great comics, like Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Louis C.K. and it is a great form of motivation to know that this is something that takes a lot of time and hard work to get where you want to be as a comic.

Living in New York is a big change from Denver. What do you miss about our sunny state? Is there anything you wish you could bring with you to NY that is something you might only find in Denver? 

I miss a lot of things about Colorado. Not only family and friends but small stuff like seeing the mountains, the landscape and just the general energy of Denver. Whenever I tell people that I'm from Colorado and they say they've never been I tell them not to go (because it's the best kept secret in United States). A great city with great people and sometimes it's douche bags asking about it so I want to keep Colorado safe from them. And if I could find a Good Times Burger out here I think I'd squeal with delight.

Gotta love Good Times! It's nearly 2010. Do you have any New Years Resolutions to share with our readers?

2010 will hopefully be the year where I stop doing shots. I'm in the latter half of my 20's and shots are something that need to be retired. It's cost-effective and will not make me hate every morning.

If this was a morning show on 107.5 (you know, the rap station), who would you shout out to and what song would you dedicate to them?? I'll see if I can hook it up. 

If I was listening to 107.5 I would probably turn it immediately to 106.7 KBPI, a station that I grew up listening to and love to hear whenever I'm back home. I'd probably dedicate Motorhead's "Eat the Rich" to all of the bus boys at the Emerald Isle off Parker Road.

Any awesome stuff coming up in your comedic journey?

I'm doing Wrist Deep Productions' "Los Comicos Super Hilariosos" in Denver on Dec. 26th so if you could give that a plug I'd really appreciate it.

 And a plug you shall get, brother. Soder will be performing with the Denver comedy collective Wrist Deep Productions on December 26th. The show opens at 9, begins at 9:30pm and will be performed at Orange Cat Studios (2625 Larimer St, Denver, CO). Tickets are five bucks! Save the date. It's gonna be a funny one.

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  • Melody Jones, Parker Examiner 5 years ago

    Way to stalk!

  • Stephen 5 years ago

    Yo i saw this dude on gotham. F*ckin hilarious!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    A complete moron. If you find "Fox and Friends" funny, then this idiot is right up your alley. He has no delivery whatsoever and his references are fictional at best. Leave it to Fox to give this loser a job.