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Straight Talk Empowerment Coaching for teen girls and women

Lane Cobb owner of Straight Talk Empowerment Coaching is on a mission to motivate teen girls and women to be their biggest champion.
Lane Cobb owner of Straight Talk Empowerment Coaching is on a mission to motivate teen girls and women to be their biggest champion.
Photo courtesty: Lane Cobb

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to live a life of passion, authenticity and purpose, then meet certified life coach and wellness consultant Lane Cobb.

Cobb is the owner of Baltimore-based Straight Talk Empowerment Coaching, a business that provides one-on-one coaching services, workshops, tele-seminars, and keynote speeches designed to empower women to align with their values, stand in their power, and pursue their dreams with confidence.

“Recently I have just finished a workbook called ‘Be Your Biggest Champion – A self-Esteem Guide for Teen Girls,’ which I am very excited about,” Cobb shared.

“Because when you talk about the importance of remembering that we are made in the image of God -- perfect and wonderful, nothing wrong, nothing missing -- and when we see how many of our teens are struggling out here -- their spirits broken, they’re confused, they don’t know where to turn or what their direction in life is; a lot of that has to do with the negative images that are so pervasive now in society…”

Her new workbook targets girls, ages 13-17 years old.

“Besides helping women and girls be more self-actualized and more fulfilled in life, I just remind them of how powerful they are and help them achieve and maintain that level of self-esteem that’s necessary to breakthrough those blocks and to transform that limited self belief system that keeps them from fully expressing themselves and being lit up in life,” she explained.

Today, many young girls are posting nude and nearly nude photos of themselves on the internet and are encouraged to be promiscuous as they are bombarded by sexually explicit images on television, in magazines, in the music industry, and on billboards, for example.

“In my workshops, when I work with teen girls, what I really do is I get them to say, (by asking them) What’s important to you, What do you really care about, Who do you say you are, What stops you from being yourself, What would life be like if you were being yourself and I give them ideas of how to combat that social peer pressure that has them doing things that they real-ly don’t want to do,” Cobb said.

To learn more about Straight Talk Coaching services, visit the PWN radio network. View the on-demand shows and Partners in Health show Reach Your Highest Potential.


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