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Stradivarius arrests: 3 suspects in custody, rare violin recovered by officials

Arrests over a stolen Stradivarius were made this week after the very rare violin was thieved outside of a Milwaukee college. The historical musical instrument has fortunately been recovered by police officials, though details on its finding remain limited at this time. The CS Monitor reports this Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014, that 3 suspects have been taken into police custody while the violin’s authenticity is being examined.

Rare violin model that was stolen in attack
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Stradivarius arrests were made only a week or so after the 300-year-old musical instrument was suddenly stolen from a concertmaster after a musical performance in Michigan. Police officials have stated that the violin recovered from the 3 suspects now in custody is strongly believed to be the highly prized Stradivarius, though no confirmations can be made just yet.

Historical experts are currently said to be examining the instrument to verify that it is indeed the 300-year-old Stradivarius violin. As of Thursday afternoon, a total of 3 suspects have been arrested and are held in police custody for the Jan. 27 attack of the concertmaster and thievery of the rare musical instrument. In terms of insurance purposes and value, the Stradivarius is estimated to be worth a massive $5 million.

Although most information regarding the Stradivarius arrests and suspects remains unclear at this time, it has been revealed that a 32-year-old woman and two men, ages 36 and 42, are in Michigan state custody.

More details on the actual attack last week on concertmaster Frank Almond can be found here. The thieves used a stun gun and took him unawares:

“Concertmaster Frank Almond was walking to his car following a performance at Wisconsin Lutheran Collegewhen someone jumped out of a van, shocked him with a stun gun and seized the Stradivarius on loan to him. The robber got back into the waiting vehicle, which sped off.”

A major piece of the recovery of the violin is believed to have come from the thieves having a difficult time finding a suitable market to sell the stolen musical instrument.

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