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#StPattysDay is around the Corner

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time when you are going to be heading out next Monday for a night of Debauchary in the form of celebration of St. Patrick's Day, or as the kids (young adults) call it these past few years, #stpattysday. I only say this because it seems most things these past few years has to have that lovely hashtag (I still remember when it was the "Pound" sign on your phone), but its always meant to bring all forms and cultures together. So this year, let's all have some fun and when we tag ourselves with that fun, #stpattysday is a winner.

Remember also, be careful out there and remember this, now when you are of sound, mind, and body...if the Bartender says "Are you good?" Think about that before you answers because nine times out of ten, if you are being asked this very simple question late in the evening, they are concerned over your intake. Have fun, but don't let it be the last night of fun you have, cool?

Now of course, all Pub themed bars will be having their normal St Patrick's Day fun, but I also know that places such as Electric Cowboy and Kooky Caunuck should be doing their specials (check their perspective facebook accounts). I know in previous years, with me being a winner for one of them, Kooky Caunuck offers special prizes for the "Ultimate St Patrick's Day Attire", so be on the lookout this week to see if that contest is still happening this year. It is a lot of fun to go all Green for the special evening.

As far as my drink recommendation, all I can say is this...Irish CarBombs. And there you go, have a great time and remember to play the game of "If you run into a guy name Patrick, buy him a drink"...until you know he doesn't need another, then go find yourself another Patrick...What! It's all in good fun!

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